Affiliate marketing advantages

Many of the benefits of affiliate marketing are closely related to search engine marketing since affiliates are often expert at deploying SEO and PPC to gain visibility in the search engine results pages. The main benefits of affiliate marketing are:

SERPs visibility

Gain more visibility in the paid and natural listings of the SERPs (increase ‘share of search’ page).

Reach of different audiences

Can use different affiliates to target different audiences, product categories and related phrases.

Responsiveness to marketplace changes

Affiliates may be more responsive than your in-house or agency teams in terms of algorithm changes for SEO or changes in bidding approaches for PPC. They are also great at identifying gaps in your search strategy. For example they may be quicker at advertising on new products, or may use keyphase variants that you haven’t considered.

Target generic phrases in SERPs

Enables you to reach customers through generic phrases (e.g. clothing) at a relatively low cost if the affiliates secure better positions in natural listings.

Increase reach in SERPs

Increase reach of your brand or campaign since affiliate ads and links featuring you will be displayed on third-party-sites.

Generate awareness

Can be used to generate awareness of brand or new products for which a company is not well known.

Diversify risk

Use of affiliates reduces risk caused by temporary or more fundamental problems with your SEM management or other digital marketing programme.Pay-per-performance. The cost of acquisition can be controlled well.

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