Communicating with online media owners

Forming relationships with publishers or media online gives a way to expand the reach of a brand. These influencers may include traditional journalists, bloggers or celebrities.

Journalists can be influenced online through a press-release area or social media newsroom on the website; creating email alerts about news that journalists and other third parties can sign up to; news stories or releases submitted to online news feeds. Examples of feeds include PR Newswire, Press Box, PRWeb, Business Wire. Press releases can also be written for search engine optimisation (SEO) since they will link back to the site.

An increasing number of journalists rely on blogs and feeds for finding sources for stories rather than traditional press releases, so engaging influencers through these is also important. Charles Arthur, contributing author to the Guardian, says:

I’m not going to read things that are obviously press releases because the possibility of it just being annoying or irrelevant is too great; I’m going to go to my aggregator instead,because I’ve chosen every feed there for its potential interest. I pay more attention to my RSS feeds because they’re sources I’ve chosen, rather than the emails I get from PR companies.

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