Digital marketing glossary


Third generation of mobile phone technology.


Fourth generation wireless, expected to deliver wireless broadband at 20-40 mbps.


A/B testing

A/B or AB testing refers to testing two different variations of a page element such as a heading, image or button. The alternatives are served alternatively with the visitors to the page randomly split between two pages. Hence, it is sometimes called ‘live split testing’. Changes in visitor behaviour can then be compared using different metrics such as click-through rate on page elements like buttons or images, or macro-conversion rates, such as conversion to sale or sign-up, AB testing is aimed at increasing pages or site effectiveness against key performance indicators including click-through rate, conversion rate and revenue per visit. Since it does not consider combinations of variables tested, for best uplift multivariate testing is increasingly used.

Above the fold

A term, derived from printed media, which is used to indicate whether a banner advertisement or other content is displayed on a web page without the need to scroll. This is likely to give higher click-through, but note that the location of the ‘fold’ within the web browser is dependent on the screen resolution of a user’s personal computer.

Access platform

A method for customers to access digital media.

Access provider

A company providing services to enable a company or individual to access the internet. Access to providers are divided into internet service providers (ISPs) and online service providers (OSPs).


An approach to site design intended to accommodate site usage different browsers and setting particularly required by the visually impaired and visitors with other disabilities including motor control, learning difficulties and deafness. Users whose first language is not English can also be assisted.

Accessibility legislation

Legislation intended to assist users of websites with disabilities including visual disability.