Digital marketing services


Always starting with a strategic marketing plan

1. Situation analysis

Where are we now?

2. Objectives

Where do we want to be?

3. Strategy

How do we get there?

4. Tactis

How exactly do we get there?

5. Actions

The details of tactics, who does what and when.

6. Control

How do we monitor performance?

And then choose your strategy and tactics


Strategic projects designed to enhance a site’s capability and deliver different online marketing techniques aimed to attract new customers.


Partnerships / affiliates
Online ads / sponsorship
Email marketing
Online PR
Offline campaigns
Social media


The Entertainer has 90 stores in the UK, and stocks thousands of products online. With 30 years’ experience in the retail industry, they understand perfectly what kids want. With a winning combination of fair prices and excellent customer service, they are quite popular with mums and dads too.

Goal: Drive online sales and volumes cost effectively, ensuring a high quality user experience at all levels and robust coverage across its range of over 5,000 toys.

Target audience: toy customers in the UK.


  • The focus of strategy is product-listing ads.
  • Granular product targets are centered to provide maximum control of product-specific visibility.
  • The account structure is mapped to a feed to ensure visibility is tied to stock availability.
  • Specific bids are applied for each of the product targets.
  • This allows micromanagement of bids and performance.
  • Bids are reviewed frequently in order to distribute investment in line with performance and maximise cost effective sales volume.
  • Based on performance trends, these bids are then adjusted in order to make the most effective use of the budget available.


Investment in new customer features designed to engage the audience and increase conversion rates and average order values, new functionality e.g. new online store; special functionality e.g. real time stock checking or other.


Proposition development
Content creation
Content management
Site usability and accessibility
Design and development
Customer service


MercadoLibre is an online platform dedicated to ecommerce and online auctions. They offer thousands of products for all types of audiences.

Goal: Engage customers and increase conversion through targeted ads.

Target audience: Latin America.


  • The initial user pool identified by first-party data is retargeted with dynamic banners based on their previous behaviour on the advertiser’s site.
  • Messages and image versions are tailored to each user based on their previous activities, products they browsed or the date of their last purchase.
  • XML feeds and APIs serve the most relevant ad version for each user – automatically and with no manual versioning using DSP.


Investment to improve the experience and delivery of offers to existing customers.


Social media
Proposition development
Outbound communications
Email marketing
Customer management
Touch strategy definition
Loyalty programmes


Help for Heroes is a charity set up in the UK to help soldiers who have been injured, need support and also supports affected families.

Goal: Create a way to consistently stay in touch with Help for Heroes’ 500,000 subscribers.

Target audience: Help for Heroes subscribers.


  • Help for Heroes stay in touch with their subscribers in three fields: charity, retail, and events and challenges.
  • Events and challenges headlines are primarily used to send mailings about keeping supporters informed.
  • Retail headlines usually cover direct sales of a range of Help for Heroes branded merchandise, which now in over 500 items.
  • Events and challenges headlines encourage people to take part in and organise events to support the charity’s work and encourage fundraising.
  • In order to fulfill the necessary three fields, an emailing software is set in place. This enabled Help for Heroes to create a new, seamless, email marketing initiative.
  • The Help for Heroes templates are redesigned, including the development of new and existing graphics.
  • The Help for Heroes mailing list is integrated into the software to give the ability to send out emails quickly and more efficiently.
  • Analytics is also built in so that Help for Heroes could track receiver’s actions, including open, forward and click-through rates.