Healthy relationship rules

No one ever goes into a relationship knowing all the answers. It is your responsibility to seek out necessary knowledge. You are also not a static individual, you are forever in progress. So are the people you will be involved with. So that your relationships grow and mature, take a look at a few basic relationship rules that will keep you going in the right direction.

  1. Respect each other’s needs.
  2. Accept another’s odd habits or differing beliefs.
  3. Ensure safety in physical, emotional and sexual intimacy.
  4. Affirm by saying: “Yes, I am with you; I believe what you are saying has value,” or, “I liked the way you handled that argument with kids today.”
  5. Listened with focused attention.
  6. Be open about ambitions, dreams, fears and concerns.
  7. Preserve closeness by making plans for clan and quiet time together.
  8. Be persistent in applying good relationship skills: working conflicts until they are resolved, not just silenced; regularly affirming something about your child, spouse, lover, or intimate friend; expressing confidence in the growth and potential of the relationship and the people in it; demonstrating with words and actions your love for them and an appreciation of their love for you. Finally, be persistent in striving to improve the ease and level of connectedness with those dear to you.

Adapted from

McKee, S.L. and Walters, B.L., 2002. Transition management: A practical approach to personal and professional development. Prentice Hall.

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