Why search marketing is important?

Getting information in front of a highly targeted audience at the precise moment when they’re looking to buy your product or service is extremely important. People find the things they need online by typing a phrase into the search engine. Think about yourself – when you’re trying to find something specific, you’re much more likely to head to the search engine.

To the user, search engines offer a window to the web – a convenient way to shift through billions of pages out there to find valuable, relevant information on what they are interested in at any given time. For marketers, search engines offer a unique opportunity to get their products or services in front of online prospects at the exact moment they’re looking for them. It’s one of the ultimate forms of targeted, prequalified marketing.

SEO is a combination of factors – the quality of site’s architecture, its content, and the influence of other websites, social channels and endorsements.

Search engines

Search engines give business a prime opportunity to put products, services and brands in front of vast and ever-growing market of prospective customers at the precise time those customers are looking for exactly what the business is selling.

70-80% users ignore paid ads on any given search, only focusing on organic results. 75% of them never scroll past the first page of search results. Companies that blog have 435% more indexed pages than those that don’t. SEO leads have a 14.6% close rate while outbound leads (direct mail, print advertising) have a 1.7% close rate. On Google, 18% click on the first position, 10% click on the second and only 7% of users click on the third position.


Google, the market leader in search by a country mile was only established in late 1998. In the less than 16 years, the search engine company has become a leading global brand to rival the biggest and the best out there and has changed the way business operated forever. Google’s incredible growth and the unprecedented rise of search in general, is testament to the practically ubiquitous appeal of online search, both to a constantly growing pool of internet users and as marketing vehicle for large and small businesses.

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