Marketing research using the Internet

Internet-based marketing research can help determine the influence of a website and related communications on customer perception of the company and its products and services. But it also has wider applications of gaining feedback from customers about a brand and how it could develop in future. Smartinsights (2010) identifies these five different classes of online feedback tools:

Website feedback

Provide a permanent facility for customer to feedback by prompts on every page. They are run continuously to enable continuous feedback including ratings on page content, and also products and services.

Site user intent-satisfaction surveys

These tools measure the gap between what the user had hoped to do on the site and what they actually achieved.

Crowdsourcing product opinion software

These are broader than web feedback enabling customers to comment about potential new services.

Simple page or concept feedback tools

A form of crowdsourcing, these tools give feedback from an online panel about page, layout, messaging or services.

General online survey tools

Tools like Zoomerang ( and Survey-Monkey ( enable companies to survey their audiences at low cost.

The full options for conducting survey research include interviews, questionnaires and focus groups. Each of these techniques can be conducted online or offline.

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