Online PR advantages

The advantages of the proactive public relations techniques which seek to build a buzz around a campaign or to gain favourable mentions and links on third-party sites are:

Reach. E-PR can be relatively low-cost method of directly reaching a niche audience or a mass audience if the brand is amenable to stories that are of interest to publishers. This is often the case for new online brands and startups such as Zopa ( If buzz around the online campaign orchestrated through PR is successful then additional reach and impact may also be generated by traditional mass media such as TV, print and radio.

  • Cost. The costs for online PR are the agency or internal staff fees for developing the online PR plan, concepts and content. Since there are no media placement costs, this can be cost effective.
  • Credibility. Independent comments that are made by a person independent from a company are considered more authentic and can so help raise trust about an online provider such as a retailer. Personal recommendations are particularly important and seem to be trusted more than content sites giving reviews and opinions.
  • Search engine optimisation. E-PR can help generate backlinks to a site which are favourable for SEO, often from large sites such as online newspapers or magazines which have good link quality.
  • Brand-enhancement and protection. Favourable stories can enhance the reputation of a brand among its target audience and amplification through influencers can help reach a new audience, But since unfavourable media mentions may damage a brand, so monitoring and response to these is a necessity for most brands.

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