Bedroommood SEO

Bedroommood approached in May 2018 to help establish and build their online presence in English speaking markets such as United Kingdom and United States. The goal was to increase overall web traffic with search engine optimisation. has worked closely with the team at Bedroommood to watch this come to fruition.

Performed actions

Overall, planned and executed on-page, off-page and technical SEO techniques that increased e-commerce web traffic from 90 to 1000 visits per month.

  1. Pages optimisation

    Merged 25 single-feature product pages into 6 multi-feature pages (with scent, color selection). Turned off 7 sub-categories leaving one main category: Home and Gifts. Redirected old pages to new ones. This resulted in no more duplicate-content pages for SEO and more efficient products maintenance.

  2. Content optimisation

    Updated product names, descriptions, content below the fold, URLs and metadata. Updated blog posts URLs, H2s and meta data with high traffic keywords. Redirected old links to new ones. As a result, some optimised keywords started ranking in the top 10 positions in the UK and USA which increased organic traffic.

  3. Content expansion

    Added QAs at the end of each product page. Some QAs now appear as “quick answers” on Google in 1st position in the UK and USA.

  4. Products rich snippet

    Installed a plugin to capture product reviews and added 3 reviews for each product page. Google started picking-up some product reviews and show it on search results page.

  5. Backlink building

    Expanded backlink profile to 50k total backlinks, raising page authority from PA:5 in May 2018 to PA:34 in October 2019.