Traffic investigation in APACx

City Index Australia and Singapore sites’ organic performance has been fluctuating for a couple of months, and conversions fell in one month. Our aim was to understand why and how we can remedy it.


Analysis: December 2019


Analyse Australia and Singapore sites’ organic traffic in Google Analytics, and top performing and changing keywords in Google Search Console. Look into top performing pages, and if there are changes in the last several months.


Provide specific, actionable, detailed recommendations based on analysis.

Singapore web insights

1. Demo account pages experienced the sharpest fall in total backlinks number

Overall, it seemed like organic traffic was negatively affected by backlinking activity. This was mostly visible on the demo account pages (see estimated traffic trend above). From June 2019, demo account pages lost 33% of total backlinks, which downgraded page’s authority and therefore it’s rank on Google. Comparing last 3 months with the previous period, we also saw a 15% drop in conversions.

2. Forex trading pages total backlinks declined by 27%

Forex trading pages saw a slight decrease as well (see estimated traffic trend above). Seems like query “how to trade forex” linking to page “/forex-trading/how-to-trade-forex/” experienced the sharpest drop. Keyphase impressions fell by 23%, clicks by 19% and average position by 37% while page visits decreased by 14% (comparing last 3 months with the previous period). This seems to have been affected by a 27% decline in forex pages total backlinks.

3. CFD trading pages lost authoritative backlinks support

CFD trading pages organic traffic also decreased. In the last 3 months, “what is cfd” query saw a 57% drop in impressions and 68% fall in average ranking. Category pages such as “/cfd-trading/what-is-cfd-trading/” and “/cfd-trading/how-to-trade-cfds/” experienced a 6% and 30% downfalls in organic entrances respectively. Overall, CFD trading pages backlinks declined by 7%. This might not seem like a lot, however, the lost links were from authoritative websites such as with a domain authority of 73 (SEMrush rank).


  • Reclaim backlinks leading to demo account pages (or gain new ones) to recover organic traffic and goal 2 conversions.
  • Gain backlinks linking to ”/forex-trading/how-to-trade-forex/” with an anchor keyphase “how to trade forex” to raise the query performance and therefore increase organic traffic.
  • Build backlinks that go to “/cfd-trading/what-is-cfd-trading/” and “/cfd-trading/how-to-trade-cfds/” pages with anchors “what is cfd” and “how to trade cfds” to increase CFD trading pages organic performance.