Congo community building

June – October 2018, we helped open-source decentralized ecommerce infrastructure Congo Ecosystem to set up social media accounts, organically grow Facebook and Twitter community, and inform potential clients about the upcoming product through dedicated content marketing articles on Medium. Actions taken are listed below.

Social media

  • Created 6 social media accounts and 2 community groups
  • Updated the brand and imagery
  • Grew follower base from zero to 2.5k on Twitter, from zero to 6.5k on Facebook Group and from zero to 600 on Facebook page
  • Shared relevant content on all accounts on weekly basis
  • Generated organic user posts in FB group
FB group 1
Active Members

Content marketing

  • Built a content plan and calendar
  • Created nine content pieces on four topics such as intro to the brand, benefits of blockchain, e-commerce trends and e-commerce landscape. Check it out here!
  • Created a visual content template
  • Gained a PR article


Preparation for launch

  • Created a press release
  • Built a PR list
  • Built a list of blockchain influencers
  • Collected examples of airdrop deals
  • Worked on completion of Whitepaper (edited copy, created the visual look, designed visuals)