Insurance page in EMEA

Partner protection landing pages were created to give driver-partners more information about insurance deals with third party providers such as AXA, Chubb and other. Initial launches in EMEA were assisted by CRM campaigns. Later, pages were accessed through search engines, internal links on or other channels.

Landing pages in Europe were first launched on blog. In later stage, they were migrated to web platform and now lives with other evergreen pages under /insurance/ section on Pages in Middle East and Africa were published directly on


Launch: May 2018
End: December 2018


  1. Build evergreen partner protection landing page template that will work for all EMEA markets and adjust locally.
  2. Centralise creation, localisation, migration and governance to minimise errors.
  3. Assist CRM campaigns providing links to landing pages.
  4. Add internal links from other driver pages on to ensure discoverability.


EMEA Partner Protection web and blog pages were one of the most visible campaign pages in 2018. Publications were viewed more than 300k times, 75% of these were unique users. High traffic numbers were achieved by initial launch content distribution (CRM and other referral channels) and decision to migrate content to (that led to high organic traffic figures).

In terms of performance, web platform showed better bounce and exit rate results (web bounce rate was 16% lower and exit rate was 27% lower compared to blog), arguably, because of better menu navigation capabilities, content layout and availability of internal links.

Insurance page design