Jurate Facebook Advertising

In July, 2018 lifestyle brand Jurate objective was to boost pop-up store visits. The ad format is available to anyone with a locations structure set up on their Facebook Page. Using targeting, and calls to action, you can reach people around your physical locations to drive them to your stores.

Over a period of two weeks, two creative formats were tested. In the first week, creative 1 reached over 18k people with a cost of 1.25 € per thousand impressions. In the second week, creative 2, reached over 14k people at under 0.15 € cost per click.

Store visits ads allowed Jurate to easily and efficiently create cost-effective and relevant ads for their unique pop-up shop. The campaign, which ran in July, 2016, led to better results for the business:

  • Over 32k people reached in total
  • 5% increase in total page following
  • Under 0.70 € cost per result
Creative 1
Creative 1
Jurate Facebook advertising work done by mudu.io
Creative 2

Keys to Success

1. Use high quality images Photos of your products, services, lifestyle images, behind-the-scenes looks or customers using your products draw more attention and help your message stand out in News Feed. 2. Experiment with targeting Try different targeting features, such as location, demographics and interests targeting to reach the people you want. You can also experiment with the radius targeting around each store to target people in the areas most likely to visit your stores.