Orion.lt SEO in Lithuania


  • Strengthen overall organic search presence
  • Improve optimised keywords visibility and search positions
  • Establish strong blog pages organic search presence


Launch: May 2019
End: September 2019


  1. Effective keywords research
  2. Metadata, copy and internal linking revision and update
  3. Web and SEO strategy
  4. Structured data enhancements


One of the goals was to improve overall organic search presence. Taking into consideration website is established for at least 2 years, results exceeded expectations.

Total organic sessions grew by 56% and attracted 48% more new users compared to previous 6 months period. Search visibility increased by 30% compared to previous 3 months period. Total keywords per month grew by more than 40% in the last 8 months compared to previous period.

Performed keyword research for all pages aimed to improve these keywords visibility and search positions. We succeeded with 2.4 positions improvement in average search positions, and 7.4% increase in visibility.

The last goal we set was to establish strong blog pages organic presence. From May 2019, blog pages generated almost 40k impressions with an average CTR of 3.7%. Directional keywords trend suggests a steady total keywords growth, completing November 2019 with almost 100 keywords per month.

Overall, orion.lt now has a much stronger organic search presence than 7 months ago. Increased non-branded keywords search positions now are attracting more new users who might not have heard about Orion brand before. Blog pages performance show promising growth for the non-branded keywords traffic in the future.