Uber Legends in MENA

To encourage loyal riders and drivers to be proud of (and share) their connection to the Uber brand, Middle East team selected a few extraordinary riders and drivers, and publicly recognised them as official “Uber Legends.” 

They identified facts and stories that make riders and drivers stand out. For example: the rider with the highest rating, the longest trip, the shortest trip, most consecutive trips, the most distance traveled in an Uber, and so on.

The team used out-of-home advertising, paid digital ads, social media, CRM channels and did an on-ground activation (wrap-up event) to increase campaign exposure and drive traffic to the landing page.

The page featured Legends along with placeholders for more Legends to be added. Theme was “Are you the next Uber Legend?” and the team invited visitors to nominate themselves or friends based on stats, facts and stories that they believe made them legendary.


April 2018 – UAE launch
March 2019 – Jordan launch
April 2019 – Lebanon launch


  • Support local teams in ‘Uber legends’ message distribution
  • Assist CRM, social and PR efforts with quality web content


Overall, we generated more than 100k campaign page views mainly driven by social, organic and other channels. Every page view was unique, with an average of 1:50 min spent on page. Bounce rate was 20% on average.

It might be argued, social media was the most valuable channel that drove traffic to the landing pages. 100% unique page views suggest users saw the pages only once. Relatively low bounce rate, high average time on page and high number of Google Form submissions suggest users were very engaged with the pages. Engagement was also driven by video and image gallery content.