Wix loyalty program mockups

The following product is part of WixStores solution. A new feature – Customer Rewards Program was added. It works on a Point System, rewarding customers with “points” for purchases they made in the store (spend more to get more). These points can then be redeemed for discounts on future purchases. The program is designed to boost sales and maximise the value for the merchant. Below, you will see mockups of “Buyer” and “Merchant” side.

Buyer side

When browsing the store, buyer is able to see how many points can be redeemed for each purchase. A promo bar above presents a category-based offer, in this case: if a buyer purchases any hair product, 10 extra points can be redeemed.

In the members area “Balance” page, customer can observe the number of points in the wallet, and what it is equivalent to in the local currency. Transactions history below presents the date and description on where the user earned and spent the points.

In the “Points for actions” page, customer can learn how to earn more points for completing certain actions. Examples of these are: signing up, visiting the site on daily basis, leaving a comment, review or rating, and referring to a friend.

In the “Offers” page, user is presented with four levels tiers that are dependent on the number of points earned. The tiers are: member, bronze, silver and gold. A higher level gives the customer more benefits such as more valuable points rates, enhanced shipping, returns and exchange opportunities, a well as access to birthday gifts and exclusive sales. At the bottom of the page, the user sees specific offers associated with the tier he/she is in.

In the “Checkout” page, product specific area shows the user the number of points earned for the purchased product and how much would it cost to buy it with points. Customer is able to spend all the points in the wallet as a discount or select the number of points desired to spend.

Merchant side

In the settings page, the user is able to set specific values for points, minimum and maximum discounts, modify points earned for actions, create custom tiers system and make special offers.

On points management page, user can manually update customer points and download data as CSV files.

On the activity page, user can filter according to action types and dates, select a date range and export log as a CSV file.

On the analytics page, user can view generated value, total points earned, redemption rate, average points earned and spent. Moreover, user can check graphs such as points volume over time, spent / earned / adjusted ratio, earnings distribution, top products, top customers and top offers.

Lastly, on the product page, user can customise points per products.