Social bookmarking

Sites like Digg, Google, Reddit, StumbleUpon and allows users to store, organize, search and manage favorite web pages on the internet. With such social bookmarking systems, users save links to web pages that they want to remember and / or share on bookmark hosting sites. These bookmarks are usually public but can be saved privately, shared only with specified people or groups, shared only inside certain networks, or some other combination of public and private domains.

Podcasts are related to blogs since they can potentially be generated by individuals or organizations to voice an opinion either as audio (typically MP3) or less commonly currently as video (video podcasts). They have been successfully used by media organizations such as the BBC which as used them for popular programs such as film reviews or discussions and for live recordings such as the Beethoven symphonies that received over 600,000 downloads in June 2005 alone. Virgin Radio has also used podcasting, but cannot broadcast music (due to copyright restrictions), only the presenters. A big challenge for achieving visibility for podcasts is that content can only currently be recognized by tags and it is difficult to assess quality without listening to the start of a podcast. All the main search engines are working on techniques to make searching of voice and video practical. In the meantime, some startups such as Odeo ( and Blinkx ( are developing solutions.

In a business-to-business context, network provided by Cisco ( has used video podcasts for its interaction network, which is used to sell the benefits of its services to small and medium businesses.

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