Why use paid search marketing?

There are a lot of reasons to use PPC search marketing. Here are just a few:

Generate traffic while you’re waiting for your SEO to kick in

It can take months to get your site to the top half of the first page or organic search results through SEO. PPC ada can get your site in front of your audience almost immediately.

Highly targeted ads means a better chance of conversion

You’re not broadcasting your message to the masses as you would be with display ad or banner ad – your search marketing will only appear in front of users who have prequalified themselves by typing your chosen keywords into the search engine in the geographical regions you have selected.

It can be an incredibly effective way to advertise. You only pay for your ad when a prequalified user clicks on it and is taken to your site. If they don’t click, you don’t pay. Providing your keywords are highly targeted and your landing pages convert well, it can generate a very healthy ROI. Some if the specific benefits of PPC advertising are:

Full financial control

There is no minimum spend, you can set maximum monthly budgets on an account-wide basis or on individual campaigns, and you specify the maximum amount per click that you are prepared to pay for each ad.

Full editorial control

You are in complete control of every aspect of your campaign – from the title and ad copy, to the keywords and keyword matching option to apply, to the URL of the page you want users to send to.

Testing, tracking and tweaking on the fly

There are tools that allow you to run real-time comparison tests to see how differences in your ads affect your click-through rate, and a host of reporting options that let you track your campaign and tweak it to achieve better results.

Improve your reach

Target different keywords to those you rank for in the organic search, and broaden your reach for those more specific long-tail keywords that yield small volumes high-value traffic.

Transcend the boundaries of the SERPs

For even broader reach you get to select whether you want your ads to appear only on the search engine’s own sites, on their advertising affiliate sites, or even on specific affiliate sites of your choosing.

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