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Impuls x Hilton partnership in Lithuania

In 2020 summer, 11 Impuls pilates trainings were held at Hilton Garden Inn Vilnius terrace. Led by a trainer Monika Cernauskaite, 50 min workouts took place every Tuesday and Thursday mornings.

H&M x Uber partnership in Lithuania

2.5k+ requests 250+ trips 300+ bags collected In winter 2017, H&M and Uber united for fashion recycle campaign. Customers could order a car via app and hand over bags full…

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5 derailed leaders archetypes

The five types are: Imposters, who lack self-awareness and self-esteem; Rationalisers, who deviate from their values; Glory seekers, who are motivated by seeking the world’s acclaim; Loners, who fail to…

Reasons for new product failure

The failure of a product idea to be developed into a product is not necessarily a bad thing. It may save the company enormous sums of money.

New product launch

Most new products are improvements or minor line extensions and may attract almost no attention. Other products will receive extensive coverage.

Product prototype

The item acquires a finite form and becomes a tangible good. Product designers may develop similar prototypes with different styles.

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