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Impuls x Hilton partnership in Lithuania

In 2020 summer, 11 Impuls pilates trainings were held at Hilton Garden Inn Vilnius terrace. Led by a trainer Monika Cernauskaite, 50 min workouts took place every Tuesday and Thursday mornings.

H&M x Uber partnership in Lithuania

2.5k+ requests 250+ trips 300+ bags collected In winter 2017, H&M and Uber united for fashion recycle campaign. Customers could order a car via app and hand over bags full…

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5 derailed leaders archetypes

The five types are: Imposters, who lack self-awareness and self-esteem; Rationalisers, who deviate from their values; Glory seekers, who are motivated by seeking the world’s acclaim; Loners, who fail to…

Reasons for new product failure

The failure of a product idea to be developed into a product is not necessarily a bad thing. It may save the company enormous sums of money.

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