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We are an independent global online marketing company that scales businesses beyond geographical borders. Currently based in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Your digital marketing strategy

A digital marketing strategy is needed to provide consistent direction for an organisation's online marketing activities so that they can integrate with its other marketing activities and support its overall business objectives.


We help to set up strategic projects aimed at attracting new customers.


We provide support in increasing conversion rates and average order values.


We assist with decision making on investments to improve the delivery of offers to existing customers.



Testimonials is a brilliant marketing and creative consultancy. They helped me to create brand direction and positioning for one of my companies. marketing delivered on all of the requirements on time and on budget. Highly recommend!
Tomas Zalatorius
Congo, CEO agency was very proactive when suggesting various ideas on how to boost physical store visits for Jurate temporary POP-UP shop in the Old town of Vilnius by directing people online. They understood the product and our needs well and were able to run timely online campaigns to influence our potential buyers behaviour. We would recommend for companies wanting to boost online traffic on their social media platforms, as well as physical store visits.
Indre Dargyte
Jurate, Marketing director


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